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Authentic Touch Therapy

Sweet surrender. This is where you hand over the body, unwind the mind, and I will take care of the rest. This session invites you to give into yourself, to Receive completely, as you allow me to Give my gift of deeply powerful, healing, sensuous, intuitive bodywork and authentic touch. While some light mutual contact is welcome, anything stronger hinders my ability to do what I love, which is to Give you the benefit of my Presence, Strength and Tenderness. We co-cultivate your awareness, your body following my touch to guide you into a conscious connection with your Body and your Pleasure.

250 1 hour | 325 90 minutes | 450 2 hours

Tantra Infusion

Tantra Infusion sessions spring forth from Authentic Touch. Now we Invite your active participation in engaging your attention and your senses, as we co-create our own Unique intimate rapport. This session is an Infusion of my Authentic Touch bodywork, intentional interaction, invigorating breathwork, heightened sensation, and much much more.

250 1 hour | 325 for 90 minutes | 450 for 2 hours

Sweet and Vicious

This is a journey of sensation Play, bringing in an array of instruments of intimacy and Pleasure play. For our Sweet and Vicious session I will imagine and facilitate your fully guided, lightly restrained (at least to start) and delicately blindfolded, deliberate exploration of your boundaries and delights. We will play mindfully towards your edge with invitation and acceptance, sweet surrender and vicious mischief!

650 for 2 hours 


I can invite a friend to join us for the whole session or part of the session. Please inquire!


I love to Cuddle! I love to share full body cuddle puddles. We are fully clothed and we can fall open heartedly into Authentic affectionate space to squeeze and hold and hug and writhe and giggle and...

150 for 1 hr (fully clothed)


Feel free to start or finish your session with your choice of these delights...

Cuddle Puddle 1/2 Hour Add-On

What a delightful way to begin your session by adding a little cuddle time to any of the above. We can use this initial embrace to welcome contact with each other and have a chat about the session palate or simply cuddle.



I am available for art openings, theater, music concerts, or fine dining. This is only available for long term return clients looking for an uncomplicated engagement with a sensually empowered forward-thinking woman... mE!

200 an hour

Please Remember

I do not offer any illegal activities so please do not ask.