Tune iN and Turn oN!

Authentic Tantra Touch with Alice in New York City



Let go and let my touch kindle a deeper connection to your Whole body.

Place yourself in my tantalizing, tender Heart space. It’s delicious, playful and provocative in there!

I like Busting myths, tabOOs and presumptions. How about you?

We’re living in an age of mis-education and even un-education about our sexual wellness and the value of Pleasure. I Value pleasure.

I’m a hands on sensuality educator.

When I put my hands on you, you will be transformed in our one on one Oasis. I do what I do because I discovered that it is a natural extension of myself. As I continue to share my gift of authentic touch with you, my own understanding of my sensual nature and erotic capacity deepens. I am fulfilled, I am aroused. You will be fulfilled and you will be aroused.

There’s a book I know entitled “After the Ecstasy, the Laundry”.

What if you could tap into your pleasure while doing the laundry? Or on that conference call? What is revealed during our time together is yours to enjoy at any moment.

To prepare for your session, I allow it to shape my day meaningfully and I open to my highest states of generosity, eroticism, and kindness.

I believe that having regularly scheduled sensual/erotic workouts brings incredible wellness into the body, into the spirit, and into the Life. Do you have a therapist, personal trainer or a weekly yoga class you attend? Same thing.

Frankly I have already received the benefits of what I do – so its been vetted thoroughly! I only offer something I have experienced as good and valuable.

Transforming the world one body at a time.